I wanted to share one of my recent d.i.y. french braid up styles. This one I’m quite proud of because it was quite the arm work out. Although it is a bit taxing on your arms it is a pretty quick & easy style. I started by blowing my hair dry with a bit of Aveda’s Phomollient Styling Foam in my hair for a lift. I then started the braid over my right ear and worked a reverse french braid around the crown of my head. The turn at the back of the head is the most difficult part because it requires you to change direction of braiding.  It took some careful consideration to get it just right, but once I made it to the back right portion of my head (for an asymmetrical look), I tied off the braid into a pony tail with a clear elastic hair band. I then split the pony into three sections and braided each section individually. At this point I had a pony with three tiny braids hanging down. I then wrapped & wove the tiny braids into a bun and pinned into place. I topped off the look with hair sprayand went out the door!

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