Glitter embellished shoes, belts, and bags are widely popular and always seem to be incredibly overpriced. I once paid nearly $300 on a pair of glitter flats. They were beautiful, a tad uncomfortable, and hugely over-priced. Definitely not one of my best purchases. The thing is, it is so incredibly easy to revive any pair of shoes or old belt you have with glitter. I purchased a pair of black flats at Payless that were on sale for $7 that are far more comfortable than the $300 flats I mentioned earlier. I spruced them up using the following items:
  • Step One: Prepare your work surface & tape off the sole and inner part of your shoe

    NOTE: The next part is a choose your own adventure! (YAY!) Both options work well Option A helps avoid patchiness but creates a mess of excess glitter Option B is faster and is much easier to clean up after but you will likely have to do touch up work.  Choose what you think will work best for you, or try them both out and see what you like best! 🙂

    [OPTION A]

  • Step Two A) Dip your foam brush into the Mod Podge and paint a coat onto the shoe and sprinkle the glitter directly onto the shoe shaking off any excess until shoe is completely covered in glitter 
  • Step Three A) Now that your shoe have been glitterfied take your foam brush into the Mod Podge once again and give your shoe a fresh coat of mod podge with out glitter. This will seal your glitter onto the shoe nicely. Don’t freak out when it looks white and gross over the glitter, the Mod Podge dries clear and will look fantastic once dry!

    The end result is a beautiful shoe with glitter that has been applied wonderfully even. The above process does create a mess, all that access glitter you shook off your shoe now has to be cleaned up. There is a reason why they say glitter is the herpes of the craft world, one wrong move and you have a mess! Those of you that want to avoid that all together enter Plan B:

    [OPTION B]

  • Step Two B) Pour a sizeable amount of Mod-Podge into a bowl and pour a sizeable amount of glitter into the Mod-Podge and mix together. (1 part glitter 2 parts Mod-Podge is a good rule)
  • Step Three B) You will now paint your shoe using this mixture. Try to paint on as evenly as possible (this is the hard part). Touch up any patches as it dries. Once dry you can give it a clean coat (no glitter) of mod podge to seal it, although this isn’t as necessary as it is in Option A Step Three)
  • Step Four: Allow shoes to dry for a few hours (I leave mine overnight just to be safe). Before wearing it might also be a good idea to spray on a rain protectant, but that is completely up to you. 
The Final Result will look like this! 

Once you experience the wonders of Mod-Podge I have a feeling you will be doing this to all sorts of things and can spend your hard earned money on things other than these.

1 Comment on D.I.Y. Glitter Flats

  1. Life as Leah
    November 16, 2011 at 7:09 pm (6 years ago)

    I can’t wait to try this-Wal-mart has these super comfy flats that I have in three colors, but they’re kinda boring. At least one pair is getting glitterfied in the very near future. Thanks!!