Is it possible that all of those years spent pouring over the J. Crew Catalog has somehow brainwashed me & permanently embedded a prep-school mentality into my nervous system??? (An interesting theory, No?) Whatever the reasons, I think I will always have a special place in my heart for J crew. I love all of J. Crew’s limited edition merchandise, but I hate that it is A) so expensive B) sells out so quickly. I try to sent a J. Crew spending limit for myself, because the prices frequently threatened to cut into my Marc Jacobs fund (Yes, I have one… doesn’t everyone?). Unfortunately, this is beginning to be true for all of their merchandise. There really isn’t such a thing as waiting for it to go on sale, because if you wait, your size is gone in a blink of an eye. Maybe that is because for the past few seasons J. Crew has consistently delivered beautiful, high quality, and accessible clothing & accessories. It goes without saying that I am in love with the black Lexington Jacket, the Striped Town Coat, and the J. Crew Cashmere. These are things I have already mentioned on the blog, or are already flying off the shelves at J. Crew…in fact the striped town coat is hard to come by these days (they are sold out online, and only had one left this weekend at the Rockefeller center location). There is a whole slew of things in the store that I would happily add to my closet, and I can only hope that my sizes of choice stay around long enough for me to get my well-manicured hands on them!

First order of business, shoes…I love me some metallic/cap-toe/colorblocked pumps/flats (who can choose?):

top: Solid Rivoli blouse $115; Felted-wool Cameron dress $148; Italian flannel Emma dress $220;


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