Considering my newly organized** wardrobe is crying out for cozy knits, so it is no surprise Anthropologie’s catalog “STITCH” arrived on my doorstep today much to my delight. This may lead to my wallet’s imminent demise!

View the gorgeous catalog online right here.

**seriously, my closet has never looked so good…i spent my entire weekend snapping polaroids of my shoe collection, sorting clothing, handbags, and accessories, and even switching closets with my boyfriend!! i’m a saner fashionista now that i have a new & improved wardrobe closet. despite the fact that my bf is a bit of a clothes horse himself, he OFFERED to take my old closet, so he wins major brownie points. when i lived in chicago i moved in first (since i was already based in chicago & he was moving from new york)) so i got first dibs. when we moved into our much smaller nyc apartment i mistakenly took the girl who lived here before me’s word that the closet i was using was the largest in the apartment. while the closet is probably technically larger…the closet is not WIDE, it is deep. for me that isn’t practical because i can’t SEE what i have…everything just gets piled ontop of one another–i would be better off if i dug a hole and threw all of my stuff into it!!!! anyway, as a result of this whole closet reorganization project i feel like i found an entire new wardrobe!!! i am wearing shoes i totally forgot i had. it is terrible. the whole ordeal kind of made me realize that i have a problem, but i’m a firm believer that rehab is for quitters (at least where shopping is concerned anyways!)

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