i am currently painting a set of wine glasses + a decanter as a gift

this is the first time i have taken on such a project, but it has been a lot of fun working with new paints & a new surface.

I am using Pebeo Vitreo 160 paint. I absolutely love it. (I prefer the glossy finish but you can achieve a frosted look if you choose.) Paint the glass, allow to dry for 24 hrs min then bake the glass @ 160 degrees C. (325 F.) to set the paint. Once I baked my first glass, I tested scratching the paint off, and was very happy to see that it stayed put! YAY! I will post more pictures once I get further along in the project! Posted by Picasa

1 Comment on current project: hand painted wine glasses

  1. Amy Zaleski
    August 22, 2006 at 9:08 pm (12 years ago)

    Wow!! What a unique gift idea and so nicely done! I love the delicate black swirls ~ really classy!