A few weeks ago I headed to Williamsburg to check out the new Sprout Home Brooklyn location. Having lived near the Chicago location prior to moving to NYC I was already quite smitten with the store. They have a gorgeous space in Williamsburg with wonderful home accents, plants, vessels, books on design and quirky items just for fun. I picked up a Kobo soy candle and a lavender garden in a bag kit. I ended up transferring the lavender plant from the bag to a planter and it is at full bloom! I haven’t killed it so hopefully I can graduate to more complicated plants for my apartment! The Kobo candle smells delicious. The soy candles are clean burning (they don’t burn black), they burn longer than typical wax candles, and they are made from renewable resources so they are environmentally friendly.
sprout home purchases
garden in a bag (lavender) $7.99 & a delicious smelling Kobo soy candle D’Anjou Lyncee (quince, jasmine, lychee) $33 both @ Sprout Home

KOBO D’Anjou Lychee Pure Soy Candle
The Kobo candle comes with its own box of matches too.

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