if you are like me, you are extremely picky when it comes to handbags. if there is one tiny detail i am not in love with i will take a pass. while this is a good thing for my wallet, it leaves me wanting more. freddy & ma seems to be created for girls just like me…you can design your own handbags, and as a result should have no cause for complaints. i am especially loving the spring prints joy designed. anyway, you can literally spend hours playing on their site creating your own custom handbag! clearly, that is what i’ve been doing all morning and now have a ton of work to do! oh well!!! here are some of my top creations…

the gypsy lane hobo is $320:

i love the pink nautical print joy designed don’t you??!!!

the hazel purse makes the perfect clutch and is $165:

this is where choosing gets difficult!!! which one shall i buy? voice your vote in the comments field below!!!

the cape fear bowler is $358:

this carry-all is bright & cheery for spring with the white leather accents! the red & white floral print is again by one of my favorite bloggers, joy…it makes me want to head for the hamptons, or the apple store to purchase my new macbook…either way i’ll be one happy camper!!!

design your own at freddy & ma

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