Treehouse Brooklyn is hosting another class this weekend! This time the focus is on the art of crochet!

There will actually be two workshops one on Sunday, December 9th, the other on Sunday Dec. 16th, 5-8pm.

The beginner crochet workshop is 3 hours.

Bring some yarn (or buy some at treehouse) and a hook* and they will go over the basics of crochet: chain stitch, single crochet, circular crochet, and finishing off. With just these skills you can make a scarf or hat!

*Yarn should be smooth (not bumpy or hairy) and a light or bright color, in either worsted or bulky weight. if worsted, get a G or H hook, if bulky, go for I or J.

email: to sign up

treehouse brooklyn, located at 430 graham avenue in williamsburg, brooklyn

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