This weekend my favorite pair of gold Repetto flats died (RIP). I have had them forever, but sadly my left shoe (I have no idea why it was only my left) became so tore up that it was actually quite impossible to walk in them! It looked like I had held up the side of my shoe to a grinder!! I am so hard on my ballet flats, I suppose because I walk around so much in the city, but these have outlasted all of my other flats combined! These flats were going the distance, so naturally, I was devastated when I had to say good-bye. They were beyond repair! 🙁 Those shoes & I had some good times damnit! It probably didn’t help that I got caught out in the rain while wearing them this past week (I was seriously cursing the heavens!), but now I am in the market for some new favorite flats, so if there is one thing that will help me get over my recent loss it will be a pair of new fabulous shoes. I’ve become a Repetto loyalist, so here a few of my favorite finds from Repetto!! If you’ve never purchased or tried on shoes from Repetto please keep in mind they tend to run a bit small so if you’re a half size order a half size up!

Possible replacements:

Repetto Gambet Gold Metallic Heeled Ballet Flat $237 @ Dandelion Feet; Repetto Gold Mary Jane Ballet Flats $205 @ Satine;

Repetto Bolchoi Gold Metallic Pepite Ballet Flat $229 @ Dandelion Feet;
BB Repetto $182 @ Shoe Fly;

more flats:

Repetto Black Lamb Skin Ballet Flats $185 @ Satine; Repetto Guill Flats $305 @ Gravity Pope;

Repetto 6099 flats $188 @ Gimme Shoes; Repetto Galb flats $305 @ Gravity Pope;

Repetto Plaid Ballet Flats $185 @ Satine; Repetto Demeter flat $170 @ La Garconne;

Repetto Purple Metallic Bardo $230 @ Zoe; Repetto Bardot in White $190 @ Zoe;

Repetto Red Patent Ballet Flats $175 @ Satine; Repetto Bolchoi Red Satin $213 @ Dandelion Sky;

Repetto Demeter Flat in Coral $160 @ Zoe;
PINK Lurex/Glitter Enfance $198 @ Bird;

Lurex/Glitter Enfance $198 @ Bird; Suede Demeter $175 @ Bird;

Limited Edition Swarovski Grey BB $398 @ Bird;


Repetto Garnier boot $360 @ Gravity Pope;
Repetto Black ” Grease Lightnin’ ” Ankle Boots $415 @ Satine;

Repetto Day Tripper Boots $498 @ Anthropologie; Repetto Suede Gypsy Boots $488.00 @ La Garconne;


Repetto Faust Maryjanes $219.00 @ La Garconne;
Repetto Fete Galaxy Glitter $238 @ Dandelion Feet;

Gitane Heel $220 @ Bird; Gisele Heels $295 @ Gravity Pope;

Repetto The Garbo $295 @ Bird; Repetto Esmeralda on sale for $199 @ Gravity Pope;

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