I picked up three of CoverGirl’s Smoky ShadowBlast eyeshadow sticks to test them out. They promise to provide a classic smoky eye in two simple steps. Each tube has two shadow shades. The lighter shade has a round tip and is labeled as “step 1”. The darker shade has a tapered tip and is labeled as “step 2”. The lighter shade is meant to be used as a lid and under brow color, while the darker color is meant to be used as a crease and liner color.

I found the packaging to be really nice other than the fact that the sticks aren’t labeled with the shade name (something I realized only AFTER throwing the packaging out). Not a huge deal, but annoying nonetheless.

I found the pigmentation to be fantastic. I loved the colors, and found that each went on smooth. The tips easily extend and retract, are buttery soft, and apply smooth. This may be completely self explanatory, but it is important to make sure you retract the tips (especially the tapered “step 2” tips) completely before capping. I nearly crushed the black tip of my onyx smoke shadowblast after just one use because I capped it without retracting completely. So, if you want to maintain the tapered shape I recommend paying extra careful attention to this detail because of the soft tips.

I wanted to try for a classic smoky eye, so I grabbed the Onyx Sky ShadowBlast, that is a duo of white and black, but also added the light silver shade from the Silver Sky Shadow Blast to my look. I applied Too Faced Shadow insurance as a primer and then applied the ShadowBlast combination. The shadow tips apply color smoothly without any tugging or pulling. I blended the colors with my finger, added eyeliner (I found the tapered tip to be too big to actually be practically used as a liner) and mascara and headed out the door. 20 minutes later I realized that I had some major creasing going on despite my primer application and blending method.

I had a similar creasing problem when applying the Purple Plum ShadowBlast on its own, so I think it might be best to use these to intensify your existing powder shadows. The price makes the product one that is worth trying, but because it is so prone to smudging and creasing a powder shadow to set the cream ShadowBlast is a must. I just don’t see how this product could withstand a night of dancing in a club on its own. It is great to see the drugstore brands trying their hand at cream eyeshadow but creasing seems to be enemy numero uno at that price point (Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow also creases terribly).

If you are hoping for a simple foolproof smoky eye I can tell you this product is going to look great for a full 20 to 30 minutes tops. It is a bit of a shame because CoverGirl had a great idea paired with fabulous shades. Check out the shades below:


See more shades over at CoverGirl.

{photos & swatches by me}

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