Mascara is essential for me. I have a ton of lashes but being a blonde, they are nearly invisible without it. There are a ton of really fabulous mascaras available at your drugstore. And while I have a soft spot for Dior & Lancome mascaras, I go through mascara like crazy so I try to mix it up with some affordable options. About a week ago, I picked up CoverGirl’s new Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Sapphire and I was thrilled with the results! They should rename it to bright blue eyes. For those of you who are weary of colored mascara you shouldn’t be afraid of this formula. Trust me, I am the last person on earth…well maybe not the last, but I’m at least not the most likely person to be walking around with blue lashes. The blue reflects are very subtle, but just enough to make your eyes pop. Definitely, give this mascara a try!!

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