My fellow bloggers have been chiming in on the topic of the week: Luxury & Accessibility, and my oh my do they have some interesting things to say. Take some time & read up on the topic & feel free to chime in with your own views and opinions!

You can start with my post: The Proliferation of Luxury, and then continue on with the following fabulous posts:

  1. The Budget Babe, “The Psychology Behind Affordable Luxury”
  2. Pink Rock Candy, “How Accessible Is Too Accessible?”
  3. Style Eyes, “Will Luxury Ever Become More Accessible?”
  4. Temptalia, “Provocative Thoughts: Beauty As A Luxury”
  5. Poetic and Chic, “The Fashionable Oxymoron”
  6. Hope Robertson, “Right On Target: The Affordable Accessibility of Luxury”

Also, be sure to check out the very interesting interview with Milton Pedraza, the CEO of the Luxury Institute over at Coutorture. Happy reading!

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