Everyone seems to be talking about how much they LOVE the August 2008 cover of Vanity Fair and while the idea of the cover shot might not be so horrible, it is a tired one and comes too soon after Rolling Stone’s inexplicable decision to have the Hills girls appear wearing their under garments on their May 2008 cover. Given that I adore Blake Lively & Amanda Seyfried, I was obviously happy to see them on the cover, but I thought the photos inside the mag were far superior to the one featured on the cover where Emma Robert’s foot looks slightly deformed, and Kristen Stewart (who is arguably the most talented of the group) is simply out shined by the other girls. Furthermore, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the Vanity Fair cover and the recent RollingStone cover, Exhibit A:
This isn’t even the first cover with Blake Lively on the cover this year in another state of undress…I give you this April cover of New York Magazine featuring the cast of Gossip Girl…Exhibit B:

Am I the only one who is left wanting more!?

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