I am loving the work of San Francisco-based jewelry designer (and former fashion editor), Kim Shephard, especially when it comes to her Jade Collection for her jewelry line, Urban Dencity. Jade is for those females who are bold, exotic, and loves making a statement. The long chains and large medallions and pennants will definitely turn heads! If you are looking for something for everyday that is subtle & sophisticated Urban Dencity has that too, with their Chloe collection, my other favorite. In truth, Urban Dencity has something for everyone with four distinct collections that play on different female archetypes, including two I haven’t previously mentioned the Kate (sporty, kicky, and favors a little flair) & Sienna (romantic, bohemian, and has eclectic style) Collections. Urban Dencity will be able to keep up with you even if you are the type to change your style every 10 seconds! Here are a few of my favorite pieces created by Kim:

{clockwise}:jade sapphire leaf necklace $242; jade gold & tibetan bead necklace $305; chloe 24k gold necklace $180; jade two-tone medallion necklace $285; all @ urban dencity

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