i recently came across the work of a nyc based artist, stella im hultberg, while doing some flickr browsing. her work instantly reminded me of a post i did not to long ago about another fabulous artist, audrey kawasaki. as it would turn out the two artists are dear friends–they inspire one another, as friends often do.

stella is trained in industrial design, but says on her website that she could care less about that now, as she spends her time drawing & painting. (having worked at an industrial design firm myself, i can’t say i blame her! 🙂 ) her figures are gorgeous, exotic, sultry, & sometimes even a bit sad. stella used ink & oil paints on tea-stained paper to create the original works, that are pictured below in the print form:

{l to r, top to bottom}: 8×10 art print ofpromise that you will” $25; 8×10 art print of “regret” $25; 8×10 art print of “high over yonder” $25; 10 x 8 art print of “i’d fly the river” $25; all prints sold @ stella’s momomoogie shop

flip through her sketchbook, or check out her portfolio here
she also keeps a blog, & art journals so be sure to check it out @ http://momomoogie.com/

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