Kate O’Leary is the illustrator behind Arsonist Cow Studio. She is originally from Ohio, but is currently living in Japan working as a freelance artist & illustrator. Her work is colorful, cheerful, and cute. I especially admire her line work…the textures & patterns in her illustrations are just fantastic. Oh and if you were wondering why in the world she named her studio “Arsonist Cow”, she names the The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 as the source of inspiration for the name. “It was alleged that the fire started in the barn of Catherine O’Leary, when her cow knocked over a lantern. A reporter admitted later that he made up the tale because he thought it was a good story for the paper. But it was such a popular myth that today people still associate the Chicago fire with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.” The name is clever, creative, and humorous!

Here is a sample of some of her illustrations:

Purchase one of Kate’s prints via the Arsonist Cow shop:

Sparkle Buds Print by Kate O’Leary(measures 8.3″ × 11.7″) $15

P.S. visit Kate’s blog to see what she is up to in Japan!

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