amy ruppel is an amazingly talented artist, who turns simple imaginary into colorful & whimsical modern art. i find her work to be beautiful, and her process fascinating. below you will find original works created by artist amy ruppel by using beeswax layered under and over digital prints on paper derived from her photography, then cut into rounded shapes and completed with drawings etched into the wax. amy describes her process as “painting with scissors and fire instead of a brush.” (the idea of painting with fire reminds me of a piece i recently saw at the MoMa where the artist, Cai Guo-Qiang, exploded gunpowder on two sheets of paper…the work is called Drawing for Transient Rainbow )

top: Amy Ruppel: You Have A Call 7×7 $270;Amy Ruppel: Underground $270; both available @ velocity art & design
bottom: Amy Ruppel: Think of Those 7 x10 $310;
Amy Ruppel: My Kingdom For A Piano 11×11 $460; both available @ velocity art & design

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