the 2006 grad dancing by a well on a family trip to Missouri (a photo from my Uncle Terry’s collection)

I still can’t believe my little sister is graduating high school!!! I think I will always remember her at this age right here…I loved having a little sister because it gave me an excuse to play Barbies well into middle school. I was also “forced” to watch The Little Mermaid repeatedly (I can probably thank her for my obsession with that movie).

Being the oldest, and six years older than my sis I can also remember the other times…
like the time when she cut her own beautiful long hair (this explains the hair cut she pictured above that was just beginning to grow out); She cut it so close to the scalp…it was the worst hair cut she’s ever had!!!

I will remember every time (there are too many to mention here) she pulled my hair, pinched, pushed or hit me and then quickly would proceed to run to my mom and tell her that I had in fact pulled her hair, hit her, pushed her and/or pinched her. It was her signature preemptive tattling that allowed her to get away with most things. I have to admit, I wish I would have thought of it!!!!

I also will never forget her 3rd birthday party when she ran over our brother in your new motorized mini jeep…not once but twice. Luckily, he was okay, and we have it all on tape! (I need to convert that vhs tape to dvd stat…maybe post it on youtube!!!?? I wish I knew how to do that!!!)

Anyway, those are my memories of growing up with my little sister. She graduates this Sunday from Newton Senior High School!!! I will be going home tommorrow so I will be away for blogging. Enjoy your Weekend!

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