I want Anna Sui’s closet. Of course this probably goes without saying for most fashionistas. But, I don’t think I’ve seen a cooler closet than Anna Sui’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” inspired wonderland.

{img via NY mag}

That entryway is to-die-for! Sadly I don’t have the funds to purchase a studio apartment just to shelter my clothing, but I could use some help with the organization part. I’ve been slowly working on remedying my overflowing closet as I briefly mentioned here. My closet is small but very deep, thus making it a very effective black hole. I’m convinced organization will be my saving grace, so there are definitely a few notes I can take away from this feature. While I do put polaroids on all of my shoe boxes, color coding, or even so much as hanging outfits in groups, like Jessica of “What I Wore” does, is beyond ambitious for me. I would say I don’t have time for such a huge project, but having a “system” for my closet would save me a tremendous amount of time in the mornings! In truth I don’t need more space (although it would be nice) I need to utilize the space I have effectively!!! Forget the studio apartment, all I really need is a assistant, and, uh, well, a trust fund wouldn’t hurt either!

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