The weather isn’t cooperating, but now that daylight savings time has arrived I feel like it is spring. When the promo photos surfaced for the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line I was immediately sold, but when the launch came around I hesitated before going crazy purchasing the entire collection because I started reading the online reviews. The reviews were mixed at best, so I hopped in the car headed to my nearest Target (which is not at all close) to see the collection. Unfortunately the selection there was limited, and a few pieces that I really liked online were not available at the store, but of what I did see I generally liked, but none of it really embodied any of the reasons that make me love Jovovich-Hawk’s primary line.

I really liked the white chiffon dress on the rack, but upon trying it on I felt the waist had an odd fit and did not flatter me at all and decided against purchasing it. However, I loved the grey short sleeve hoodie, dotted scoop neck top, and the square neck dotted dress looks adorable belted. Some of the other looks I found to be a bit matronly or the fabric was a bit too sheer for my taste, but for the price, the collection is worth a gander.

A few look from the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line:
jovovich hawk for target
{top} Jovovich-Hawk for Target Chiffon Dress in Wave Ecru $39.99; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Mini Floral and Paisley Skirt in Ebony/ Ecru $24.99; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Dot Belt Top in White/ Multicolor $24.99; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Strappy Lace Dress in Ebony $39.99; all @

{bottom} Jovovich-Hawk for Target Square-Neck Dot Dress in Ebony/ Waffle Cone $39.99;
Jovovich-Hawk for Target Gilded Treasure Dress $32.99; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Short-Sleeve Hoodie in Heather Gray/ Wave Ecru $17.99; Jovovich-Hawk for Target Star Print Vest in Ebony $29.99; all @

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