Feathers & flowers as hair accessories have been prolific this season, a trend that will undoubtedly carry on into fall. From Jennifer Ouellette , K. Autumn, Ban-do, Little Doe
to the options at chains like Urban Outfitters & Forever 21. If you’re looking for something a bit different check out the options from Charm School Design any of which can be made into a clip or headband and are considerably more affordable than other feathered hair accessories that have been featured on this blog:

top: Gold Dapple Feather Headband Clip Wrap Black Accent $32; Almond Pheasant headband$32; bird of paradise feather headband or clip $32; all by Charm School Design

middle: Blue Brown Pheasant Feather Headband Flapper Headwear Tiara Retro $32; Russet feather, black tips headband $32; Spectator Black White Noir Headband Hair Clip Alice Band Flapper Striped $32; all by Charm School Design

bottom: silky deep navy feather band $32; textile print feather headband $ 38; Snow-Tipped Iridescent Rich Browns Headband or Hair Clip $32; all by Charm School Design

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