I love when gifts are presented in a beautiful, unique, or creative way. It doesn’t matter if the gift is for Christmas, a birthday, or another event, I like to put a bit of effort into making my gifts look pretty. Last year was Quentin’s first Christmas, so even though he was only a couple of weeks old, I made sure Santa wrapped all of his gifts in brown kraft paper, tied them in red satin ribbon and then hand stamped his name on each gift (I use Cavallini & Co Alphabet Stamps).
Hand Stamped Gift

First Christmas Gifts

This year I switched it up a bit when I found this adorable washi tape that said “No Peeking” & “Do Not Open Until Christmas”. The washi tape looked fantastic on the neutral kraft paper, but also helped solve a problem I had last year in that I found that using kraft paper tends to eat up more of my scotch tape than typical gift wrap.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Like the rest of the world, I am a bit chalkboard obsessed so I purchased a huge roll of black kraft paper (huge so I could wrap extra large gifts). For Quentin’s first birthday, the extra large roll was perfect for wrapping his basketball hoop (that is now residing in my dining room- Ha!). I took my trusty chalkboard markers and doodled away. For Christmas I used metallic sharpies in silver & gold and a red chalkboard marker to make my gifts look more festive. I free handed all my type and doodled away with Christmas greetings and even a quote from ‘Elf’ . This of course is a bit more time consuming, so I would recommend giving yourself some time. Don’t start doodling on Christmas Eve (like I did! haha).


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