My husband and I recently bought a new apartment to accommodate our new family, so on top of caring for a sweet baby boy, I also have the task of decorating a new home! I have been moving at a snail’s pace through everything, but decided it was appropriate to take down the Christmas wreath on our front door BEFORE the month of January was over. I opted to create my own monogram wreath in neutral hues so we could keep it up all year if we liked. Our finished wreath looks like this:

Materials Used:

12″ foam extruded wreath form
Hot glue + gun

Acrylic paint
Paint brush
(Spray paint would work too, of course)

Optional Embellishments:
The Possibilities are endless

I painted my letter with chocolate brown paint and allowed to dry.

I then began to wrap my wreath form with yarn. To begin, just tie a knot around the wreath-no glue is necessary! This is the most tedious mindless work, so watch TV or a movie.

Now it is time to create your felt flowers! I used lids from my kitchen to cut circles in my felt, and eyeballed cutting spirals. I created three types of felt flowers and used spare buttons to embellish.
The quickest and easiest of the three is the spiral rose flower. Take a large circle of felt and cut it into a spiral. Now roll up the spiral into a rose shape, gluing as you go. 

The next type of flower I created was a poppy looking flower. I cut about 8 small circles of felt using a baby bottle lid as a guide. I cut slits into each of the circles so I could glue one side on top of the other to create a petal. I glued these petals on a larger felt circle, layering the petals as I went, to create a poppy flower. I glued a spare button into the center. A brooch, or beads would look nice here too!

I also created a ruffle flower, again using about eight small circles of felt this time not cut, but folded into fourths. I glued the folded pieces to a slightly larger circle of felt, until the circle looked like a full flower. I glued another button into the center, but this type of flower looks great without embellishments.

I then arranged my flowers and embellishments on my yarn covered wreath and affixed them with hot glue. I tied a large satin ribbon to the top of my wreath so I could hang on my front door! 

Felt Flower Resources:
Poppy Flower
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  1. Jenna
    March 25, 2013 at 5:28 pm (5 years ago)

    Loved it, made one! Thank you 🙂