A pitcher of Sangria accompanied nearly every one of our meals when we ventured to Puerto Rico for my birthday. So now that summer is upon us, I thought it would be the perfect summer party drink. It is a fun concoction to make because it invites you to try new flavors and combinations. We have been perfecting our recipe for weeks…the key building blocks are listed below:

1.5 liter bottle of burgundy wine
Approx 6 shots triple sec
Can of sliced pineapple with juice (10 rings)
Sugar/honey to taste
1 Orange
1 Peach
1 Apple
1 Mango
1 or 2 Kiwi (1 for garnishment)
6 sliced strawberries

Refrigerate in large pitcher until ready to serve

Serve over ice, spoon fruit in, garnish with kiwi or strawberry and enjoy!

CHEERS! Now all I need is mofongo and a side of sweet plantains. *sigh*

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