during a weekend trip to target i found an adorable package of cupcake bath fizz cups!! isn’t it amazing that you always end up unintentionally finding something completely irresistible on the target shelves?

although the set of 3 i spotted at target are cheaper, i couldn’t resist the appearance, & the allure of these cupcake bath companions:

Banana Cream Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Birthday Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Wild Blueberry Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Carmel Creme Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Chocolate Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Orange Chiffon Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Pink Sugar Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
Strawberry Sweet Cupcake $5.95 @ photo bug baby
cupcake bath fizzy similar to the ones @
homemade vegan sweet shoppe cupcake soap $3 @ Gudonya.etsy.com

while i’m on the subject here is some more yummy cupcake goods that also happen to be calorie free:

row 1:
Miss Cupcake Print by theblackapple $13; Vintage linen decorative apron with cupcakes by madebymilla $28; Cupcake Gift Tag 3pk (blue) by akemidesigns $7; CUPCAKE greeting card HOORAY FOR YOU paper pieced by embellishments $2; all available @ etsy
row 2:
Sugarbabies Onesie, Cupcake by Polytypicarts $10; Cupcake Onesie by Glitterworkshop $10; Sweet Grab Bag-Cupcake tote by Sweethoneycomplex $50; Joe Chocolate and Joe Vanilla Cupcake Tote Bag by DogboneArt $10; all available @ etsy
row 3:
The Pirate Cupcake Screen Printed Tote Bag by DogboneArt $10; cupcake tote by pokeadot $12; Stitched Cupcake Greeting Cards (Set of 3) by cherylasmith $9; Blue Cupcake Birthday Card – Gocco Print by blueberrybandit $4.50; all available @ etsy
row 4:
Wee Cupcake Froo Froo Lapel Pin by icklebird $5.25; Cupcake Magnet Set by jillydoodles $5; Snack Charms, ceramic cupcakes by earthenwood $15; all available @ etsy Posted by Picasa

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