The Britney Spears VMA performance was one of the most talked about perfromances in a long time. I have to say it was so refreshing to see Britney in the news & on TV for her music/performances. I love it. I also love that I have two new Britney songs on my ipod. This is a great first step for Britney to start her comeback, but she isn’t in the clear yet. She really needs to focus now on what she does best…make music & dance. That means hitting the studio, the gym, and the hair salon (& not necessarily in that order). I think she looks great with all things considered. The performance wasn’t one of her best (obviously), but we hold Britney to a higher standard than most because we expect her to go out and blow our minds. She looked a tad nervous, but I can’t hold that against her…her whole career is riding on this!!! We’ve seen better from Britney, but in my mind this is better than nothing. The outfit was hot. I was concerned about that, and this was MUCH better than the costumes she was wearing during her M+M concert so I have to give her extra points for that. Her hair need serious help…the extensions are terrible (and look painful). She looked unsure of her dancing…to that end the performance was bumpy. She also didn’t sing live, but I didn’t expect she would…she’s Britney. We need MORE Britney, please give us more! Here are some photos of the performance & a video of Britney’s performance!

images via getty images

I hope this is just the beginning…gimme more Britney!

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