Bond No.9 is serving up a brand new summer fragrance this June in the form of a gorgeously bottled “Coney Island”:

The perfumers at Bond no. 9 were inspired by Coney Island’s “vintage allure…with its honky-tonk chic, its Mermaid Parade, its incomparable hotdog haven (Nathan’s Famous)” and Coney Island’s legendary “daredevil rides—the legendary nine-hill Cyclone roller coaster … the Wonder Wheel … the freefall Parachute Jump”

“Bond No 9’s Coney Island conjures up both the magical history and the reawakening of this beachfront paradise. Combined in this contemporary gourmand delight are the sugar-cool notes -2- of margarita mix, hypnotically seductive chocolate and caramel, plus cedarwood. The high-voltage blue bottle recalls the Coney Island’s expanse of sea and sky, while the contrasting gold neck evokes the thousands of electric lights that once lit up its night sky.”{bond no. 9’s press release}

Bond no. 9 Coney Island features the following notes:

Top: MARGARITA MIX, with fiery tequila blanco already poured in, Un-humble MELON that goes way beyond fruit salad,Freshly-ripened GUAVA that’s naughty but sweet…

Mid: CINNAMON win sensual mode (fougedaboud apple pie),CHOCOLATE – the stimulant with the tasty mega-kick, Pour-able CARAMEL, out to intoxicate…

Base: Decadent, unredeemed MUSK, VANILLA that’s not minding its manners, Cool and collected CEDARWOOD … because somebody’s got to
put on the brakes, Mellow SANDALWOOD, like settling down after a pulse-quickening
roller coaster ride

Coney Island will be available June 1st in 3.4 oz. artist-designed superstar bottle and box presentation ($180), 1.7oz travel size ($125),or at Bond no. 9 locations Coney Island may be purchased by the ounce ($40).

{All information is from the Bond no. 9 press release}

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