A few weeks ago I saw Jessica Grindstaff’s prize ribbons featured in Teen Vogue where a collection of ribbons are adorned to a tote bag. The look instantly reminded me of my college roommate, a very decorated equestrian, who literally has hundreds of gorgeous prize ribbons on display in her home with others over flowing from drawers. Upon seeing the pricing of the ribbons featured in the magazine (the prices range from $77-$132 depending on the size), I briefly considered raiding the overflowing drawers of the ex-roommate I haven’t spoken to in years. Orrrrr I could do as Emily suggested and simply browse ebay for VINTAGE, well loved, ribbons! This of course sparked a new obsession…browsing, bidding, and “winning” horse show prize ribbons. Although after viewing Jessica’s Gallery the styling possibilities seem endless–the price wouldn’t be bad if you were planning on simply pinning them to a blazer, but if I want to say for instance, cover a tote with ribbons…how much will that set me back? Ouch…haven’t you heard the economy is in a downward spiral and the U.S. dollar is worth 10 seasame seeds* (maybe less). If I had Oprah money I would buy up all of Jessica’s work because it is new, shiny, and gorgeous, however, I have only a beat up Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet full of crinkled Lincolns (Benjamins were sooo 5 years ago) and an occasional Jackson (as in Andrew). Thus, I have recently acquired a total of 16 vintage horse show ribbons in various colors (purple, blue, yellow, & white) the majority are from the 1960s. I just need some pink ribbons to round out my collection and I will be looking prized & pretty for fall just like this lovely blogger @ Fops & Dandies ! (Photos of my prize ribbons will come soon, so stay tuned!)

Jessica Grindstaff Large Satin Prize Ribbons $132; Jessica Grindstaff Medium Prize Ribbons $99; Jessica Grindstaff Small Prize Ribbons $77 all @ Ravin Style

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