Betsey Johnson celebrated her brand’s 30th anniversary in style! The collection was an ode to the past. Vanished were the flirty cocktail dresses that I have grown to love, but are probably tired by now. In their place were sleek, sexy, fun, & frequently unforgiving looks. Unforgiving might an understatement when considering the skintight leather pants, leotards, and mini jumpers, but if you have a flawless body and want something different, Betsey, has something for you. The hair was BIG and crimped, the makeup was HEAVY…black eyeshadow with bright red lips. The looks were accessorized with oversize clutches, berets, funky sunglasses, fishnets, and red tights. I love Betsey Johnson because she is an original voice…her personality always translates into her clothes. She also reminds me that I should work on my cartwheeling technique.

Looks From The Fall Collection:

Watch The Video:

Photos via Coutorture/Layouts By PBL

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