Desktop Profiles:

Peeking in to see other people’s sketchbooks & work spaces is so fun & inspiring. Nylon magazine recently posted some photos on their myspace blog of their soho offices that included workspace photos that were beyond interesting! It is always interesting to see what is inspiring creative types! Kate spade designer Katie Kiechel-Beckford’s sketchbook & desktop is uber-inspiring…check it out in Kate spade’s behind the curtain section! to see a list of tunes & books currently gracing her shelves…check out her list on Amazon!

Decor inspiration…unique book covers as art:

The images of the Collette installment of Andy Spade’s exhibition “an argument for looking at books instead of reading them” are so beautiful. the idea of putting book jackets on display is a fantastic wall decor idea. I happen to adore books, and have a fascination with children’s books as well as vintage design books. I would love to display my favorite covers in this way!

Finding new favorites in the “Things We Love” section:

I could spend hours clicking through & submitting things I love! I love the web design of this section and the random obscure links that I pull up. I love discovering new fabulous things…looking through other people’s favorite sites & things is a good way of finding new favorites. Have a peek behind the curtain at Kate Spade, it is always interesting!

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