a few years ago i covered a cork board with pastel fabric. my mom, the seamstress, took the fabric and created pockets (7 rows, 3 collumns) by sewing the fabric & adorning with white ribbon. i had previously used the board to hold notes, bills, cards, drawings, inspiration, photos etc. my boyfriend expressed his dislike of the pastel colors, and also his concern about keeping the board looking “tidy”. in our old apartment the board was a resting point for all of our bills and mail, and really just collecting documents. it was functional, but not especially design friendly, and we wanted to avoid this pitfall. i decided to use the board as a black & white photo display board. i have several photos that have been given to me or that i have personally taken that have been stuffed away in albums. few people actually look in the albums, so i feel it is much better to put a selection of my favorite black and white portraits on display so guests will actually be able to view them. i clipped them throughout the board, so they can easily be moved, and changed out as time goes on and we have new photos to share.

This look can easily be recreated without sewing anything. simply use a linen board (like this one available @ pottery barn $129), or create your own by covering a bulletin board or piece of masonite with the fabric of you choice and assorted ribbon. Simply staple the fabric & ribbons in place on the back of the board and position photos using clips to display. Martha Stewart’s website has a great tutorial of how to create a ribbon display board here.

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