Jenna Bush will be releasing a new book in October, titled, “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope”. The book is a personal nonfiction account of a seventeen year old girl, “Ana”, living in Panama. The book is written in a “novel style” and is based on Jenna Bush’s work with UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Book Description:

“I want to be in a house without shame. I am tired of the bruises that cover my body and the darkness in my heart. I wish my parents were here. Protect me, Dios.”

This is Ana’s hope for the future. Her mother, father, and youngest sister all died from AIDS. Ana is seventeen, a mother, and HIV-positive. But Ana is bravely living with HIV—not dying from it. With incredible spirit, strength, and determination, she struggles to break the cycles of silence, abuse, and fear. She wants a brighter future for herself and her child. This is Ana’s story.

Jenna Bush has written a powerful and personal nonfiction account of a girl who fights against all odds to survive. But Ana’s experience is not unique. She symbolizes many children in peril and puts a face on the shocking statistics—according to UNICEF, 2.3 million children worldwide live with HIV/AIDS. Millions more suffer from abuse, poverty, and neglect. Jenna’s message of hope and call to action will inspire you to make a difference for children like Ana. This book also includes resources for helping others and where to get help if you need it.

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