Given Alyson Fox’s history as a Anthropologie window display designer, photographer, and illustrator *, it feels like a natural progression for her to venture into the fashion industry by creating “a small collection”, a line of eco-friendly clothing that is cleverly constructed by using organic cotton, linen, and hemp without the use of zippers. “A Small Collection” is characterized by minimally styled wrap dresses, tees, sweaters, and slip-on skirts.  Each look is showcased on the brand’s website in mini- film clips that showcase each look and how they move & fit in real life.  The videos are spectacular…I can’t get enough of them much like how I can’t get enough of her spring & winter collections pictured below:


View entire collection and accompanying videos here


View entire collection and accompanying videos here

(Alyson’s figurative illustrations on vintage book covers are my some of my favorite art pieces ever–I would gladly wallpaper my walls in her art, that is if money was no object! ),

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