The Elephant In The Room By Anne E. Kornblut appeared in yesterday’s New York Times style pages and I think every politically minded person can relate to this.

I found it especially interesting because my boyfriend and I are from opposite political camps. We met in DC, and from the first day we debated the issues as it is part of the culture there. Four years ago, our political afflilation wasn’t an impediment to beginning a relationship, but I wonder if that would hold true today in our current polarized political climate! Most people express their amazment when we tell them about our differing political beliefs, but I personally think it is troubling when there can’t be open discourse about the issues between Democrats & Republicans. Tim turns our apartment into a political warroom– watching every news channel known to man–he makes notes about what seats in Congress are up for grabs, and makes predictions as to how the election in each state will turn out. I make fun of him for this, but he is probably one of the most politically informed people I know. While I don’t agree with him on most things, I admire him and I listen to him and I think it makes me an even more informed voter. We often get into heated debates, and while we may dislike each other’s political opinions, we repect eachother and in the end we figure out a way to stomach eachother. For instance, we talked over lunch on saturday about the new VOTING machines, the U.S. Voting system, & ways to prevent voter fraud…it ended in him walking out & after letting him cool off for a few minutes we went to see “Running with Scissors” like nothing happened! Do any of you run into these issues with friends or family members that are on the opposite end of the political spectrum?

Oh but one thing we could agree on: “Running With Scissors” was a great movie, and although we both prefer the book, we enjoyed it very much. Annette Bening & Evan Rachel Wood were fantastic in it! Go see it!

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