I’ve been tagged by A Slip of A Girl to tell you seven random things about me. I always feel obligated to complete the lovely internet memes, and sometimes actually enjoy it, but when faced with the task of tagging other members of the blogosphere I, more often than not , balk. I will try my best to complete the meme to its fullest extent, and make it as random as possible.

1. I am ultra competitive. I have to win. I like to win. To me, winning is everything. In sports, video games, board games, foot races, it doesn’t matter, I will win. I was never last pick in anything because I’m a winner and my schoolmates clearly recognized that at an early age. Play me in a seemingly innocent game of Go Fish and prepare to be obliterated by your competition. At family functions I try my best to dominate all board games, and when it comes to selecting teams, I have no problems kicking weak links off of my team(sorry MOM.)

2. I’m a really big tennis fan. I love tennis. Have you ever played Mario Tennis? I was really good at that game. I loved it. I can’t wait for Wimbledon. For all of my love of tennis I can’t play tennis for the life of me. I’m terrible. I always hit the ball entirely too hard. I don’t play tennis because I hate to lose (see above). I would take tennis lessons, but only if my instructor could pass as the identical twin brother of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

3. I love flipping through vintage copies of Sassy magazine. That magazine rocks my world. From a young age I had a fascination with magazines. I’m a bit of a magazine hound now. I love them, I read them cover to cover. I wasn’t allowed to read Sassy magazine growing up because my parents were opposed to its content (although, I don’t think they had ever even seen a copy of it), but I always flipped through my friends’ copies. If you didn’t have a subscription to the mag, it was virtually impossible to get your hands on since most stores in my small town had banned it. I loved Seventeen magazine, but I wasn’t technically allowed to read that either, but I did and I posted pictures, ads, and inspiration all over my bedroom walls. I read so many magazines now, it is a little ridiculous here is a list:

Paris Vogue














Living Etc



4. During my freshman year of college my boyfriend’s roommates were playing NASCAR on their Play Station 2. I love video games. Guys always assume girls don’t know how to play, or aren’t any good. I resent that. I actually love video games. I didn’t let them know that, and as I started to play and systematically beat every single one of the guys in the room I earned the title “Motor Oil Mel” because not only was I good at the game, I apparently know a lot about Nascar. I can’t help it. I’m from Iowa, I come from a racing family (my uncles are race car drivers).

5. In college I double majored in Political Science and Economics. I wanted to major in Art & English, but my parents didn’t think that was very practical. I sometimes wish I had majored in art, but I really loved my college experience so if I could go back today and do it all over again I would probably just minor in Art, or hell why not a Triple major?

6. I interned in Washington DC 4 years ago. I met my boyfriend there, and no he isn’t a senator (unfortunately)! I haven’t been back since. I think I’m going back this summer. I love that city, and I loved my experience there. Just recently I heard that the place where I met my boyfriend has been turned into a condominium building. That is sad isn’t it?

7. I once thought tie dye was really cool. It isn’t, it is BEYOND fugly, and I will forever be embarrassed by this photo:

For the love of god, am I wearing loafers with that!?

Now that I’ve bared my soul I am tagging 7 wonderful bloggers (beth, emily, jenn, holly, the city girl, julia, sharp lily ) to participate in this lovely meme.

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  1. SlipOfAGirl
    July 2, 2007 at 9:30 am (11 years ago)

    Thanks for playing — and for showing the tie-dye loafer combo. Very brave :p