i really admire the committed bloggers out there. i, clearly, have been neglecting this page. not that anyone reads it… …well, that’s not the point. the point is i’ve been slacking on my blogging and i owe my imaginary readers an appology. among other things, i have been distracted by the enticing television premiere lineups and organizing my itunes library…an ongoing struggle. so, i thought, you know i never have anything interesting going on in my life so i should just write about how boring my life is. maybe, that will make it more intriguing?!?!? yes! why should i head in an alternate direction now? this blog was created out of boredom, and i know as well as anyone that in order to keep it real you have to remember your roots. right?! so there you have it my commitment to you (hello, in writing!) that no matter how boring my life is…i’m going to tell you all about it!…lucky you…happy reading! luawgbl.

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