see i have changed my ways! well, it is a step in the right direction at least!! my latest blog entry:


so, what have i been up to you ask? well, to put it simply…nothing. lets be honest, that doesn’t really make for an interesting blog does it?! so, i’ll give it to you straight! 😉

i’ve been pretty moody lately, but it could have something to do with the fact that it is raining right now in nyc!!! i hate the f*cking rain! since it is raining, i have been confined to my desk. being at desk all day without Ms. Pacman*=not fun. it has been fairly slow at work, but not to the point where i am contemplating bringing in a PSP to play the new Grand Theft Auto game**…oh wait, i guess it has come to that! however, if i’m too broke to buy the PSP i am definitely too broke to get fired for playing it!

onward to plan b.

i checked my email today, and there was an email from oprah. no, i’m not trying to big time you, well maybe i am. anyways, oprah… yea so she didn’t have much to say, (surprisingly) but i did join her book club today (she was practically begging). i mean, i was bored and i’m an avid reader so i thought, “yea, i will totally do it”***. i went and joined a book club for 18-24 year olds on the oprah site. oh, big surprise, there was no discussion whatsoever!! i have even read the current book, A Million Little Pieces, so i was really excited to start discussing it! i loved both, A Million Little Pieces, and My Friend Leonard. both books are amazing, and i really wanted to delve into the discussion. i thought that it would be interesting to see what people my own age thought of the book. but, then there on the oprah site the truth hit me like a truckload of bricks: people my age go to clubs, as in nightclubs, they don’t go book clubs!! they definitely avoid online oprah style book clubs. it isn’t that they don’t read, they do, but they certainly have more going on in their lives than a stupid book club. that is when the realization hit me: i am a 23 year old loser!!! see, thanks OPRAH!!! now that really puts me in bad mood!!!

i used to be cool. right? what, once you get into the professional workforce you become the definition of a nerdlinger? apparently so. shit, i’m a nerdlinger. not just like the time where i pretended to be friends with the nerdlingers so i could get a good grade in econometrics, like a professional, badgewearing, cardcarrying nerdlinger. that’s me a professional nerdlinger.

asterick denotes footnotes****:

*like @ CB (but don’t get me wrong i don’t miss in the least!)
**Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is being released exclusively for PSP in October…bitches!! PS2 por favor!
***yes, i really do think “valleygirlesque” phrases in my head ok!!? …JEALOUS!!??
****only badass bloggers have footnotes! yea i’m cool. oh shit! or is that only nerdlinger bloggers have footnotes?

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  1. Tom P.
    September 29, 2005 at 8:00 pm (12 years ago)

    You aren’t a nerdlinger. You are an intelligent person. You are comparing yourself to people who do drugs and waste their lives. They are the losers, not you.