The Simpsons etc.

Here is couple photos of Jessica Simpson giving the finger to the paparazzi on Sept 16th. I thought these pictures were pretty funny. (I wish I looked this fabulous when I was pissed.) I bet she was even more pissed when US Weekly hit newsstands charging for the trillionth time that her and her “prince charming,” Nick Lachey, are “SPLIT!” To her credit when she was in New York this past week she looked happy and more beautiful than ever. I am not even particularly a fan of hers…but you can’t argue that the girl is always looking hot.

anyways, i’m looking forward to see if her sister repeats her hoe down on SNL (like that is going to happen)this saturday. i honestly believe Ashlee Simpson’s people have her on lock down- not even allowing her to speak to ensure her voice is as good as it will ever be. she can’t afford another disaster–SNL and the orange bowl are enough for a lifetime. i really think she’ll do well & i really hope so for her sake anyways.

by the way she is looking better than ever now that her hair is back to blonde. (blondes do have more fun!) i am also excited for her new album too! and no i’m not ashamed. i love the single “Boyfriend.” she may not have the looks, or the voice in her family, but she is a way way wayyyyy better songwriter. I preordered her album “I AM Me” on iTunes. ๐Ÿ™‚

here is a pic from her album cover…she looks v. sophisticated. her best yet.

see. she should keep her hair blonde. i bet u jessica simpson is still with nick lachey & ashlee simpson is going to rock the house on SNL. these girls always seem to come out on top, hence the reason why everyone loves to hate them.

but lets move on to what is important in life shall we?

  • LFC homecoming is this weekend so i will be flying to chicago tonight to be with my girls! tailgating. 10am. be there. will try to avoid the forester tailgating swat task force

  • hello, britney spears! when are the baby pictures going to surface??! i want to see them like STAT! you couldn’t see his little face in the helicopter pics! oh and lets not forget britney supposedly has a sex tape floating around out there (like someone else i know…) we all knew it existed after chaotic aired that it was only a matter of time anyways maybe she’ll release it on dvd and as a bonus include her baby brag book…haha that seems like something she would do. (ps doesn’t k-fed look disgusting here)

  • i’m going to miss my sophie this weekend! she looks so sad… sophie, if you’re reading this, just know that i love you! ๐Ÿ™‚ “i miss my soooooooph!”


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