i saw rachel dratch today at starbucks during my lunch. which starbucks you ask… hmm well since it was cold, not raining, and not too cloudy, i decided to go shopping on my lunch hour (big surprise!). being that i was not quite eager enough to rough it in the blustery cold elements i opted to make my way to 5th underground via the concourse @ rockefellar center (which by the way i love!). on my way back i passed the big food court-esque starbucks because it was packed to find a less crowded starbucks on the 6th ave side about 3 feet away from the first starbucks (imagine that). anyway, i saw this teeny tiny lady all bundled up waiting in line…but off to the side, so i asked her if she was in line. as soon as she turned around i realized it was rachel dratch! yay! i love snl. haha she was very pleasant, but v. quiet. well, that is really it. random huh? don’t worry, i didn’t do anything or say anything embarrassing. however, i did want to bring up my distant encounter with will ferrell and then do my best lova impersonation…but thankfully i didn’t.

that was the highlight of my day. yea, sad i know…

**photo of Rachel Dratch playing Virginia Klarvin, the “luvah” of Professor Roger Klarvin (Will Ferrell).

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