nostalgia… Posted by Picasa pearblossom tee from anthropologie $78
i love this kimono inspired shirt because it reminds me of living in dc (that is when i met my boyfriend 3 years ago). i guess because of the blossoms. i love the cherry blossom festival more than anything!!! it is just so beautiful sitting in the nat’l mall on a blanket or playing catch/frisbee in the midst of all the cherry blossoms. maybe i will go this upcoming spring!… oh no, there i go again!!! it is so typical of me to be thinking spring when winter hasn’t even begun! it is so hard not to when i am drooling over resortwear and spring 2006 collections all the while counting the hours before i can get my grubby paws on my fave items so i can stuff them into my already overflowing closet!! yea did you get that? i’m rambling again… well, in the meantime i will be buying this shirt!!!

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