computer update

the good: the computer techies FINALLY called last night. (i was ready to kill them– do they not realize that computer is like my child? they told me 2-3 days on Sunday and it was TUESDAY! before they called)

the bad: they have no idea why my ibook is being a bastard and have to ship it out (probably to japan)

the ugly: it will be aproximately 2 weeks (10 business days) before my precious ibook is back in my clutches. meaning i won’t have it before xmas!

so, i’m very depressed. i’m even more worried that my music, documents, photos, and remaining videos will disparaissez. if you ask me this is far worse than the carrie bradshaw computer debacle, because if i remember correctly, her computer was fixed by the end of the episode and she had way way better shoes. hmmm shoes make me very happy and i’m on the market (when am i not?) i might have to indulge in some retail therapy for the next 10 business days.

the countdown begins!

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  1. Julia
    December 15, 2005 at 11:06 pm (12 years ago)

    Best of luck! And hey 2 weeks is not bad at all, especially over this crazy Christmas period. Definitely need some retail therapy (shoes!) to pass the time.