adventures in urban

on my lunch break i jetted over to urban on 59th & 3rd Ave (not the best selection but one that keeps me sane while i shop) i haven’t physically been in the store for what feels like ages. i used to go to urban every single day because the urban outfitters in chicago was ridicously convienient for me just as the gap was. now i have to haul my ass cross town to the closest ones or endure a massive headache at the ones downtown. i love their stuff so i will be visiting more frequently as long as there is no mta transit strike, because if that happens there is no way i’m hoofing it in the freezing ass cold to urban outfitters. anyhoo…

…these are my purchases:

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sparkle & fade sequin inset cami $28

i purchased one in charcoal
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lux pieced chiffon yoke shirt $58

purchased one in black…this shirt (in another color) was featured in January 2006 Lucky magazine.

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lux lace mesh top on sale $29.99

i purchased one in violet (not sure if i actually got it on sale in the store, but it’s FREEZING & i’m NOT going back) **no it wasn’t on sale @ the store so I went back today (thursday) and returned it (my boy didn’t like it anyway, he said quote, “yea, you’re selling it, but i’m not buying it” as i tried to convince him it was cute by showing him all the ways i could wear it. i still love it, so i might buy it in BLACK (oh god i’m becoming such a new yorker with all this black) online @ the cheaper price)

**I also purchased an embellished black sweater $68

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