ooo la la le train bleu
love love love

wood cuff $40

tank cinch corset

suzannah cashmere dress $315 i love this retro style

sparkel ballet flats $58 adorable i love the ankle straps…just what i need & affordable!

pelle melle ruffle belt $98 –unique & girly but casual. daisy duke would approve i’m sure!

prudence long dalia coat on sale for $369 (also available in a shorter length & in white)
i adore the red color, the ruffle, and the side buttons. it is unlike anything i’ve ever seen. worth the money because it makes you look instantly polished

over land and over sea sweater $148
i love the buttons and the aysemmetrical look. the perfect sweater with jeans.

olive jaime heels now $68 so cute and such a good deal

something mischa barton would wear nicholas k beaded dress $325

misha grommet boots $90

i’m not sure i could pull this off with a skirt but they are so cute it makes you want to show them off… and the price makes it nearly immpossible to pass up

the perfect little black dress mint dress $362 i love the neckline and how the sleeves fall

grey ant studded jacket $189–I adore the detail on this jacket I would love to pair this up with a metallic belt (the ruffle own pictured above would do!)

erotokritos blue suede wedge boot on sale for $219

love the color, love the detail, and love the richness of this look

chiffon petal flower dress $189
pretty chiffon dress…everyone needs one!

abaete moby top $296- the goddess look is in right now and i love it. look no further than the 3.1. phillip lim cotton dress $425 worn on the cover of Lucky magazine by Mena Suvari.

if i was on project runway last night designing i would make barbie wear shoes just like this! bow & hot pink with a bright green mini dress! ooo la la so barbie! i love these! 78 bow heels in PINK my fave color!

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