my eyes hurt from all the rolling…

is this guy serious!? k-fed, my girl britney’s husband, has launched his very own website: what a joke! the opening flash is a montage of tabloid headlines with k-fed rappin’ in the background “Keep messin’ with my family and you’re through,” and then follows with this message: “now that i have your full attention: NEVER judge a book by it’s cover.”

and by cover i’m sure he means: (his abandoned pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson–he left to be with Brit), his other two children, his non-stop late night partying, his out-of-control spending habits (you would think he had money of his own), his “wife beater” tank, white socks with thong sandals look, his cornrows, his cigarette hanging out of his mouth at all times, his ponytail, etc. etc.)

Kevin’s first single, “PopoZao,” (can i just say WTF?) will be released on at midnight PST on January 1st. and his album, “the truth” is expected to drop sometime in the new year! Something to look forward to I suppose…at least you know you’re guaranteeed one good laugh in 2006!

kevin’s myspace:

being a good wifey britney gave a shout out to her hubby on her own site:

“Hey, fans, Kevin’s Website is now live! Make sure and check it out today!! Love, Britney.”

awww isn’t that sweet?

now can i please direct britney and everyone else to please visit:
so we can put an end to this madness!!!…

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