2005 A Year In Review

at the end of each year and the beginning of the next it has become customary to list some highlights (& sometimes lowlights) of the year. to be honest, i really find this type of documentation is always interesting to look back on as it allows you to see the popular movies, the style trends, the bestselling music, political events, celebrity arrests, marriages, breakups, rehab stints, births etc., and technological innovations for any particular year. i always like to do this for myself in my journal: life events, the price of a postage stamp, a movie ticket, a can of soda, subway fare, a pair of jeans, type of camera/computer i currently use–these are things that evolve and change over time and could actually be interesting looking back on them in years to come. i usually include some news clippings or something to highlight the year. you always think you’re going to remember but it is soo easy to forget these things. One of the most comprehensive resources on the web that i have found for the year 2005 in review is on the blog fimoculous, as the author has compiled links to the top movies, art articles, news links, the top quotes of the year, celebrity info. a lot of the material is incredibly funny and there are links to sources i would never have thought of checking! check it out: fimoculous year 2005 in review

melanie’s 2005 in review:

  • this past february my boyfriend & I celebrated being together for 2 years (i can’t believe he has put up with me after all this time! haha! 3 years feb. 2006! WHAT!?)
  • bought my beagle sophie with my boyfriend (she was born in march)
  • attended my five year hs reunion
  • moved to new york from chicago with my boyfriend
  • obtained position with manhattan law firm
  • saw my little brother get married ( & to think i never in a million years would have guessed that he would get married before me!)
  • went back to lfc for homecoming(the first time since graduating)

  • endured the terrible and still painful (my poor feetsies) nyc transit strike

sooo not that eventful but a lot of changes nonetheless!!

  • price of postage stamp: $0.37
  • price of 1 can of soda: $0.85-$1.19 nyc i wrote a blog about this…sad sad sad world we live in
  • price of subway fare: $1.75 chicago $2.00 nyc
  • price of 1 pair of jeans: $150 + unless you can grab a pair at the gap for $60 yea and that is if you’re lucky!
  • price of 1 movie ticket: $10.00–um i don’t actually pay this that is what the boy is for but i’m guessing it is this much! (i might edit this over the weekend!)
  • computer: 12 inch ibook G3 800MHZ OSX4 512 MB memory– 3 years old
  • camera: Canon PowerShot3D 4 megapixels & Canon Sure Shot 115U

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