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i love browsing stationary stores because i always seem to find fun things that brighten up my “everyday”. my “passion” for stationary stores orginated first while growing up in iowa going to the local hallmark was one of my favorite things to do, granted it was the only thing to do, but i always enjoyed it and my passion has lived on. one reason: i love sending and receiving handwritten notes and cards on gorgeous stationary in lieu of email because it demonstrates thoughtfulness, and these notes are usually worth keeping. reason deux: my “office”, while better than most offices or cubicles assigned to 23-24 year old college grads working out there in the “real world”, is still small. and while my office building is gorgeous with its mahogany, plasma screens, gorgeous flowers, and marble floors i have been relegated to the 21st floor in the far southeast corner (52nd & 6th) and have a poor view (understatement of the century). i try to liven things up with photos, cute frames, and cute planners and such that i find on my frequent trips to random stationary stores throughout the store. my favorite has to be Kates Paperie, but there are some good online shops as well that i link to in the “write” sidebar.

this weekend i purchased the 2006 moderno planner in pink that everyone has been raving about on Oprah and “just my cup of tea” etc. i own a gorgeous pink leather planner from coach, but wanted a planner that i could use for work only in order to separate my work from my home life. my new “work” planner matches my coach planner perfectly so i know i’m not sacraficing my own personal style :). i was lucky and got it 50% off at borders! if you are still trying to find a particular color check kates paperie on 57th between 6th & 7th aves, because when I was there recently they had it in every color despite only having a few colors available on their site. I also bought the journal in pink so I am matchy matchy in my favorite hue. not to go for pink overkill, but I also picked up this swing spectra canvas photo album in whatelse pink. i think it will look great on my coffee table and will easily showcase my favorite 60 4×6 prints.

iomoi monogramed paper weight $36; cavallini moderno journal $27; cavallini moderno daily planner 2006 $20; & swing spectra canvas photo album$37

other fun things that i would like:

paisley set of note cards @ iomoi $8.95 pack of 8;

box of matches $12 for 250 matches (can’t get any cuter than this);

caddie of bright stationary for everyday from kates paperie $13-22;

lady bug flat stationary (reminds me of my chicago girls and the ladybug night terrors in lake forest)$11.95 for a pack of 10 @ iomoi

preppy four pack 8 cards total @ iomoi $8.95;

box of 10 flat taxi cab cards large $18— i’m loving r. nichols stationary…this is my favorite;

roger la borde thank you cards, floral pink/brown–a sweet bloom print that is sooo “me” $12 for a box of 10

on a sweet note:

cupcakes & cherries! yay! cupcake notecard @ iomoi pack of 8 for $8.95;

hey there cupcake greeting card from snow & graham $3;

mon cheri greeting card $3 from snow & graham;

cherry thankyou @ iomoi pack of 10 for $8.95

graphic address labels available at iomoi 120 labels for $35:

cupcake; beagle (for sophie’s coorespondance); and je t’aime paris (sigh)

valentine’s day is coming up!!! searching for the perfect valentine’s card to give to my lovey:

“bemine” valentine $3.75 from SmudgeInk-for the possessive types:);

snow & graham floral valentine;$3

be mine by snow & graham $3–to the point;

cutie pie $3 (i adore the floral graphics);

“you rock my world”– i have to have this! $6 by saturate design;

“i love you” target valentine $3.50 by two piglets–prepping for cupids arrow!

snow & graham “snuggle bunny” valentine $3 homigod! yes i think i’ve found the perfect valentine for my very own snuggle bunny!

more address labels at iomoi a must have for me 120 labels for $35:

more reasons why i love valentine’s day–(hello, fun valentine’s day things):

“i love you” cookie cutters $6 @ fred flare; “heart-a-tacs” $5 @ fredflare; love tape $5 @ fredflare; conversation heart tape $4 @ whereelse but fredflare

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  1. snob in the city
    January 10, 2006 at 2:57 pm (12 years ago)

    Totally cute stuff here!!