The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2006: Fashion Report

the fashion trends of the night: cocktail length dresses; pony tails; black; white; & lavender; strapless gowns; & the overall theme was simplicity is best.

reese looking stunning:

i loved the dress, the hair, and the husband! i really hope she gets the oscar too!

hilary swank wearing white:

she had it all going on white, cocktail length dress; pony tail; and simple simple simple and looked fabulous. she even had to tape her hem before arriving because it came undone. although it was clear that something was going on with the hemline i would have had no idea that she taped it if she didn’t point it out. regardless she worked it and she looked great.


my favorite hair of the night!

michelle williams:

she is glowing and gorgeous in white


the best dressed man!

mariska hargitay; sandra bullock; cheryl hines:

they all looked great

the women of wisteria lane:

they all wore a purplish hue (terri hatchers looks a little pink) and looked great. nicolette wore green but she was probably too busy making out with michael bolton to get the memo. felicity huffman had the simplest dress of them all and looked stunning.


ellen pompeo got it wrong on the color and it really does look like it is going to fall off her bony little body

**all images from getty images**

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