going somewhere?

things you might need-

portable pet bowl:

expand-a-bowl in sophie’s favorite hue! $18 @ flight001
because it makes less of a mess than pouring out water from your dasani bottle onto the floor as your dog laps it up like their drinking from a hose or facet (not to mention it wastes less water)


lomo oktomat camera $50

this isn’t your every day camera! one snap of the shutter & its 7 lenses go off in turn creating a multi-frame photo! once you have your photo upload it to lomography.com & create your own minimovie. it uses standard 35mm film & processing. available @ flight 001

a cute & functional laptop bag:

flight 001 laptop case in small & medium $75-$85 in green & brown; pink laptop insert available in two sizes $42-$46 all @ flight 001
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Casauri Envelope Computer Case in orange @ flight001 & casuari.com; casauri envelope computer case in pink (like mine) @ casauri.com $80 (all casauri bags available in several colors & in two sizes); tumi slim laptop case in plum $194 @ flight 001; highway green laptop bag now on sale for $46 @ frosting fashions

i was so tired of my basic black laptop bag so i purchased a pink casauri laptop bag like that pictured below. it was protective, cute, & slim enough so as to enable me to slip it into my weekend bag! consolidating allowed me to bring an additional bag as a carry on. these bags are perfect when flying in todays age when you are allowed 1 personal item & 1 carry on & have to try to sneak your oversized “IT” bag past security and the flight attendants. (although, i have found that oversized sunglasses & an ipod help when pretending you didn’t hear the flight attendant).

travel in comfort:

the cutest eye masks!-

bucky blink mask$15; sleep mask $20; Pb First Class Blanket Set. 3 piece set $22 all @ flight 001 for those cold plane rides! all @ flight 011

luggage tags & flip flops for those hotel showers:

toille tag $8; dot tag $8; brazil flip flop $16 all at flight 011

for your documents:

tusk passport $38; pass/doc holder $25 shown in kelly green; dot document holder $25 all @ flight 001

weekend bags:

lulu bag $145; leather weekend bag $260; putu circle bag $145; all @ flight 001

sequoia weekend bag $200; tumi boarding tote $235; fly handbag $180 all @ flight 001

casauri weekend bag $125 @ casauri.com; puma kick grip bag $55.95 @ zappos

fun things to keep you(or the kiddies) entertained:

view master; magnetic bingo; “i love you” translator; etch a sketch (i’m the master!) all @ flight 001

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