It was the night of the black mini dresses!
Cameron Diaz:

Cameron rocked this dress. I was beyond jealous of her. It was the tiniest dress and she looked AHMAZING, and managed to look sexy without looking slutty.

Jessica Biel, Fergie, and Amanda Bynes all looked amazing in black mini’s as well:

Eva Mendes:

can she ever go wrong?

Red hot Jessica Alba:

Mandy Moore:

I love Mandy, and I thought she looked great except for the fact that she looked miserable & uncomfortable in this dress all night! This is probably due to the fact her dress was hugging her a little too tightly. Come to think of it, it was actually difficult to find a photo of her smiling!

Megan Fox:

MTV went along with Megan to choose her dress, and she tried on so many adorable dresses I was shocked that she chose this one. While the dress is pretty, it doesn’t suit her figure…it makes her look waif like. Also, she has the most disgusting tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm…it is HUGE!

Meghan Good:

looking not so good at all.

Paris makes an appearance before turning herself in to serve her 3 week sentence:

her dress was adorable as was her hair, her booking photo…not so much (although, it is admittedly better than most!).

Heidi montag & Spencer pratt:

This shade of blue is a good choice for her, and it definitely showcases her new assets, but it is a little too nightgown-esque for my taste. On the other hand, I’m sure it will keep Playboy interested.

Amy Winehouse:

Amy rocked the house with her song “Rehab”

Posh in a zebra print mini dress:

Where is the hungry lion when you need it?

images via: {getty images & wire images}

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